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All About Sugaring

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  • What is Sugaring?
    Sugaring is an alternative form of hair removal (that looks similar to waxing) that is safer and more effective. The ingredients are all natural, good for anyone with sensitive skin. Sugaring is effective at removing the hair by the root, leading to permanent hair reduction if you’re consistent with it! It is also great for sensitive skin or anyone who has dealt with razor bumps, itchiness, or other adverse reactions to shaving or waxing. We truly believe sugaring is the best way to go!
  • What is the sugaring paste made out of?
    Primarily with lemon juice, water, and sugar! It is boiled together until it reaches a thicker consistency that we can use to remove hair with. We use Alexandria Professional sugar paste.
  • Is sugaring a permanent form of hair removal?
    Sugaring can provide a permanent hair growth reduction. Each time you sugar, the hairs grow back a little thinner and more sparse, and with consistent sugaring, less and less hair will grow back!
  • How often should I come in for sugaring services?
    It varies by body part and your own personal hair growth rate, but generally this is what we recommend: 3-5 weeks for Brazilian Maintenance, Bikini, and Extended Bikini 2-4 weeks for Underarms 4-8 weeks for Legs, Arms, Back, or Torso 1-6 weeks* for Face (Lips, Chin, Brows, Sideburns) *For people who are dealing with hormonal facial hair, we recommend coming in every 1-2 weeks. After your initial appointment, as soon as there is growth, we are able to sugar it. We recommend not shaving in between appointments. On the other hand, if you just have darker peach fuzz on your upper lip, you probably will only need to come every 4 weeks or so.
  • How long do sugaring results last?
    Typically you can expect to have minimal to no hairgrowth for at least 2 weeks. Depending on the area of your body and how fast your hair grows, most maintenance sugaring appointments are around 3-6 weeks apart. For areas of the body with more blood flow, there will often be more hair growth.
  • What is the difference between a Bikini, Extended Bikini, and Brazilian sugaring?
    A Bikini includes sugaring of hair outside of the bikini line, and the backside is not included. An Extended Bikini includes sugaring of hair up to an inch inside the bikini line, with hair left on the labia, and backside is included if desired. A Brazilian sugaring includes sugaring of the entire bikini area, including backside. You may leave or take as much hair as you want.
  • How does sugaring lead to permanent hair reduction?
    Hair follicles are supplied by a blood vessel which allows a hair to grow in the follicle. Sugaring removes hairs by the root from the follicle, which damages the connection of the blood vessel to the root. When this connection is damaged enough times, your body will stop supplying blood to that follicle since it keeps getting damaged. When there is no blood flow to the follicle, a hair cannot grow from that follicle. This is how hair follicles are effectively “killed off” by consistent sugaring. If your goal is permanent hair reduction, it is most beneficial to come in frequently and consistently, to damage the blood-follicle connection during the most formative stage of a hair, the growing phase. This is the most effective way to "kill off" the hair follicle quickly, leading to faster results.
  • How is sugaring different from waxing?
    Sugar paste is made of more natural ingredients (lemon, water, sugar) and does not contain any chemicals or harsh resins like wax. Sugar paste is applied at body temperature and will never burn your skin, unlike wax which must be heated to a higher temperature before applying to your skin. With sugaring, the hair is removed in the same direction as the hair growth, which makes it more effective at fully removing the hair from the root. With waxing, the hair is removed in the opposite direction of natural growth, causing more breakage (instead of complete hair removal), leading to more ingrowns and irritation. Sugar paste also is fully soluble in water, so if you get a little stuck to your clothes or skin, it will easily wash away with water! If wax gets stuck to your skin or clothes after your appointment, tough luck removing it!
  • Should I trim my hair before coming in?
    No! The longer the better. Especially for a brazilian / bikini, if the hair is too long we will trim it during your appointment.
  • Can I get sugared on my period?
    Absolutely! We ask that you please wear a tampon (or menstrual cup) for the appointment to keep things sanitary. We know it can be unpredictable and hard to schedule around that time of the month, so no need to reschedule if you get it unexpectedly! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and you’d be surprised how often clients come in during their time of the month! Some things to think about: you may be more sensitive in the days leading up to, and during, your period. Ultimately it is up to you and your comfort level if you want to come in or not. Please be considerate of our 24-Hour Cancellation Policy should you choose to reschedule.
  • What should I wear to my sugaring appointment?
    It depends on what area you are getting sugared! For men getting back/chest sugared, we recommend you bring a clean, white (or un-dyed) shirt that is loose-fitting to wear after your appointment for best comfort. For half leg sugaring, if you are getting the lower half (below the knees) sugared and don’t want to take off your pants for the appointment, wear loose pants that you can pull up above the knee, or a skirt, dress, or shorts. For full leg sugaring, we will need your entire legs bare. Thus if you do not wish to remove your pants, wear a skirt or dress to the appointment that you can pull up to your waist. Your underwear will be exposed, we provide a lap towel for your comfort. For underarm sugaring, we will have you remove your shirt. If you are more comfortable staying covered rather than just being in a bra for the appointment, wear a tank top or undershirt so we can still sugar the underarms without removing your top. For brazilian and bikini sugaring, you will need to remove everything from the waist down. We provide a lap towel for your comfort. We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing such as loose pants, sweat pants, a skirt, or dress to your appointment. If you wear a skirt or dress you can also just pull it up above your waist for the appointment instead of removing it if you prefer.
  • Does sugaring hurt?
    It depends on what area you are having sugared, but yes, it is not pain-free. Sugaring removes hair by the root, which hurts. But everyone’s pain tolerances vary, and many clients have noted that sugaring has been less painful than waxing. This may be because sugar paste only adheres to hairs and dead skin cells, and removes hair in the natural direction of growth, for the gentlest form of complete hair extraction
  • How long after sugaring should I wait to have sex?
    We recommend waiting at least 24 hours. This will help prevent bacteria transmission, ingrown hairs, or even rash. If you can't resist the urge, make sure to keep the area clean and shower directly after.
  • I just shaved, how long do I have to wait to get sugared?
    We recommend you schedule your appointment at least 2-3 weeks post-shave to allow the hair to grow to a minimum of 1/4 inch long, about the length of a grain of rice. This is because the hair is stronger than post-sugaring hair, so the sugar needs a bigger surface area of hair to attach to. After a sugaring appointment, the hair can be as short as 1/16th of an inch and the sugar can still effectively pull it out! Over time, if you sugar consistently the hairs will weaken and grow back thinner and more sparsely, so the sugar can easily pull them out at any length.
  • Can I get sugared if I'm pregnant? If so, what services can I have?
    Yes! You can receive ALL of our sugaring services while pregnant, throughout the entire pregnancy. Of course, talk with your doctor first if you have any concerns! Our biggest suggestion would be to not start your sugaring journey during your first trimester. And if you have any questions, Aria and Jessica both received sugaring throughout the entirety of their pregnancies and would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  • Can you do male brazilian services?
    Unfortunately, no. None of our Sugarists are trained to sugar male genitalia, but we are happy to recommend other local studios if you are seeking these services! Feel free to message us via text or email!
  • Do you offer any male sugaring services?
    Yes! All of our services are available to men with the exception of brazilian/bikini, and facial hair (except eyebrows). It is not advised to sugar men’s facial hair (lips, chin, or sideburns) because the roots are much thicker, deeper and closer to connective tissue. We are happy to provide any of our other services: eyebrows, nape of neck, underarms, arms (half or full), back (half or full), torso (half or full), legs (half or full). We do not offer men’s brazilian services but are happy to recommend other local studios that do.
  • What can prevent me from getting sugared?
    If you are on any skin-thinning medications such as Retin-A or Accutane, check with your doctor first. If you have been taking Accutane, you must stop for at least 6 months before getting sugared. Keep in mind this applies particularly to face sugaring, but if you are receiving a brazilian sugar, for example, these medications should not interfere with your ability to get safely sugared. We also cannot sugar over sunburnt skin, open cuts and wounds, or moles.
  • Do I have to be 18 years old to get sugared?
    If you are under 18, you must have a parent/guardian come with you to the appointment.
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